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    Your partner for moving & cleaning in Switzerland

    We plan, organize and help you move to your next business location as well as your new home. Rely on our experience and let our competent staff plan, organize and carry out your move and sit back and relax. Our moving company Mamek Moving in Lucerne specializes in the transport of your furniture and packs your personal belongings reliably and safely. We guarantee the professional storage of all transport goods. We are your trusted moving company in beautiful Switzerland. At the same time, we offer a professional removal cleaning with a hand-over guarantee, so that you can look forward to moving into your new home or business location.

    Umzugsfirma in Luzern


    Cleaning with hand-over guarantee

    Before you say goodbye to your old house / apartment, you must clarify two points: the moving and the handover. This is exactly where Mamek move for cleaning comes into play. We carry out your cleaning with hand-over guarantee. That means, you do not have to worry about your move and cleaning. Contact us today. We are happy to advise you without obligation, free of charge & professionally.

    Proper disposal

    We know how to properly dispose of bulky waste! Our specialists for disposal ensure space and order again. We take over the evacuation and disposal of apartments, shops and offices in Lucerne and throughout Switzerland or clear your attics and cellars. Non-recyclable bulky waste is transported by us and disposed properly. We not only mount up and down, but we dispose of and clear out all packaging materials and residues. Waste separation and environmental protection are our top priority.

    Moving warehouse for private individuals and companies

    Umzugsfirma in Luzern You are moving and have to store your furniture?
    Umzugsfirma in Luzern The apartment has less and less space?
    Umzugsfirma in Luzern Lucerne The cellar is already full, but you do not want to part with your loved goods?

    No problem! With us you get a dry and clean storage room, for private & commercial. Whether furniture, clothes, books or files, if it is the storage of a complete household, an office furniture or the short-term storage of your removals: We have the right solution and offer you a variety of storage options.

    Our workers handle your goods professionally and delicately. It is obvious that this also results in higher costs. The amount of these depends on various factors, such as the size of the apartment and the furniture to be transported, the possible disassembly and assembly of furniture, the distance between the old and the new place of residence, accessibility to the property and also from the own services of the client. Reputable reins companies such as Mamek Parade take an on-site inspection, so they can estimate the effort, based on which they submit an offer at cost per hour or with a lump sum. Contact us so we can book you a free on-site visit.

    We are at your disposal for further information.